Uptown Valet at the LBJ Presidential Library and Musuem

Uptown Valet and Transportation was honored to provide our valet services for the recent State Dinner Gala at the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum, held on December 1st. Check out the write-up on it from the official site here. We parked 120+ cars that night and were busy throughout the evening, thus starting out December with one of our largest events of the month. The Library was celebrating their grand reopening complete with a newly renovated main exhibit which was on display for attendees and opened to the public on December 22nd. The LBj Library is Located on the University of Texas campus, and is definitely something everyone here in Austin as well as visitors from out-of-town should make a trip to in 2013.

If you'd like to use our valet services at your upcoming event, please contact us today or fill out a request form below.

Busy Event at Mercury Hall

Mercury Hall is a lovely venue in south Austin that succeeds in offering seclusion in a busy part of town. Complete with 100+ year old church brought in from a small town, Mercury Hall has serene ambiance in a convenient location. It's a venue where we've worked multiple times and where our years of experience help us do our job as excellently as possible. I had planned on writing a venue overview of Mercury Hall complete with some excellent (eh, mediocre) cell phone photos, but the event proved to be one of our busiest of the season and so I've decided to write on that instead.

In short, we were told that there'd be around 100 guests attending the party, but we wound up parking around 120 cars. This meant that we had about half of the valets that would have been optimal for that amount of cars. We were kept busy utilizing all the space available to us to keep cars moving as our valets got them parked. The available parking at Mercury Hall filled up rapidly, a gravel lot nearby also filled up and we parked a lot of cars on nearby streets.

There wasn't too much room for relaxation, as guests started trickling out shortly  after all the cars were parked. Fortunately though, there was time enough to call in some extra valets to ensure that guests weren't left waiting too long for their cars. After that initial rush of visitors, some help was called in to ensure that everything would run as smoothly as possible when guests left.

We don't often have events where we receive far more cars than we expected, but in this case we handled the increased traffic as well as possible to ensure that guests and planners were happy with our service. If you'd like to use Uptown Valet for your next event, request a quote or contact us today.

Uptown Valet at Ferrari of Austin

Uptown Valet provided valet services for Ferrari of Austin recently.

A smaller event on a gorgeous evening, cars were parked in a lot behind the venue, on a nearby building's lot where we had gained permission, and some were parked on a nearby street. We kept the Ferraris out front though; nearby for their owners and creating quite the nice display outside the dealer. It was a smaller event on a gorgeous evening.

It was a good, well-run event and were happy to be able to help Ferrari of Austin's night run smoothly.

Up next this week is ACL weekend. We've got valet events throughout the day Thursday and plenty on the weekend along with lots of chauffeur events as well. Please contact us if you'd like more information.

ACL Transportation

Contact us via email or give us a call at 512-394-6210. Uptown Valet and Transportation is a first-class transportation company that is proud to call Austin its home. We enjoy our active city and are happy to be a part of its many festivals and events throughout the year and the one that's coming up the soonest is the Austin City Limits Music Festival

One of our most requested services for the weekend will be chauffeur work. If you're looking for a ride around town please let us know. You may also want to read more about our chauffeur services or check out further details on our available cars.

Here’s our most recent review about chauffeur work we did for a wedding:

“We used Uptown Valet for our transportation after our Wedding on 9/15. The service was great and very professional. We had a last minute address change that our driver was able to accomodate without any hesitation. Very good prices and car was nice and clean. Will definitely recommend them in future”

- See our Press and Reviews page for more.   If you’re in town for ACL, and need a ride to the airport, a chauffeur around town, or valet services for a private party then please let us know. We’re excited for ACL weekend and want to help as many people’s experience run as smoothly as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us today.

Upcoming events at Uptown Valet & Transportation

It's starting to feel like autumn in Austin and that means the fall wedding and event season is upon us. October is probably only behind May as the busiest wedding month in Austin, and we'll be working every weekend providing valet services, getaway limos for the bride and grooom, shuttle coordination and more at some of the nicest wedding venues in Austin. We worked this past weekend at Laguna Gloria and the evening weather was lovely, and there's only going to be more of that on the way.

The Austin City Limits Music Festival will occur from October 12-14 and will feature a lineup of some of the best artists in the country. While some of our employees will no doubt be enjoying the music, we will be able to handle most any request that comes our way. If you're coming into town and need a ride from the airport, we can help you out. If you've got a party going on that weekend (ACL-related and otherwise) and need valets to manage your guest cars, let us know.

Circuit of the Americas will bring Formula One racing to Austin and we are going to see all of our services booked up for that weekend.  We've been renting out our limousines and luxury cars for months now and getting some valet and shuttle work as well. If you're looking for anything transportation related around the Circuit of the Americas, let us know quickly so we can allocate everything we can to meet your needs. [Photo from http://www.facebook.com/CircuitofTheAmericas]

There are a slew of other, smaller events going on as well. If you're coming into town for the Austin Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Texas Book Festival or any other event this season, let us know - chauffeur, airport transportation, shuttle services - whatever it is you need we'd be happy to help. Contact us or make a reservation today.

Austin and Uptown Valet getting ready for Circuit of the Americas


We are getting closer and closer to having Formula One racing here in the heart of Texas with the Circuit of the Americas race set to take place from November 16-19. Tickets have been selling quickly and the town has been getting ready for months. It will bring unprecedented traffic to southeast Austin and they’re even getting ready for large amounts of helicopter traffic.

There are multiple events leading up to the race, highlighted by the Formula Run footrace and the  Shift into Style kick-off for Austin Fashion Week. Shift into Style will feature F1 race cars, special previews of race fashions, and will have valet parking from Uptown Valet; it's an event we're excited to work at.

Don't wait until the last minute if you need any transportation services; we will be fully booked for the weekend and want to get to work on what you need as soon as possible so we can help make your Circuit of the Americas experience the best it can be. If you need valet services for an F1 party, need a chauffeur to the race, shuttles coordinated or any other transportation service, let us know.

Uptown Valet's Fourth of July

Uptown Valet worked this Fourth of July at the Austin Country Club. Fireworks were free to fly this year as the burn ban wasn't as strict as last year. Uptown Valet helped manage parking, as Austin Country club was expecting over 1,000 guests for their fireworks show. Our task was to maximize parking efficiency for the guests and to report when various sections were filled to capacity so that guests wouldn't go towards sections of parking which had been filled up. A lot of cars parked in the parking lots, but when a few started parking outside the parking lot on Long Champ drive without having checked into club parking first man soon followed and we were never quite filled to capacity. We filled up most of the lots though and what guests did show up late in hopes for a spot were happy when we could point them to the few spots still available. In addition, we drove shuttles for guests coming from Long Champ when that area proved to be busier than expected.

After the fireworks went off we also assisted in shuttling some guests and in managing cars exiting the lot. We kept the flow of cars going as best we could and created space for carts or cars getting out of a parallel spot when needed. The line of cars itself extended up Long Champ to a stop sign; after determining the length of the holdup, one of us was posted up top to wave them through the stop sign - this eased traffic considerably.

We have done valet work at Austin Country Club in the past on major holidays and have managed some shuttles at weddings there but helping in parking was something new. We believe we handled it well and were happy for the opportunity to help them on the holiday. Our valets enjoyed the fireworks as well: