Uptown Valet at Guitar Under The Stars

This past week Uptown Valet provided valet service for Austin Classical Guitar Society's Guitar Under The Stars event. We always enjoy working with Austin Classical Guitar Society and we've worked with them a few times a year for the past several years. They're fun to work with and we like their mission and commitment to supporting the arts and we are pleased to be able to do our part to help their events run well. Guitar Under The Stars this year was at One World Theatre, where we had worked just a few days prior for the Bliss Bridal anniversary party. One World's a great venue with flexible uses; their downstairs was used for a dinner beforehand, and then the concert was held in the theatre upstairs while the downstairs was set up for some couches for when the concert finished. It was a lovely event and we didn't hear anything but great things.

On our side of things, we were happy to be trusted with the car of a lady who had not used any valet parking in over 7 years. She had had a bad experience years prior and had not trusted anyone else with her car since, but she passed it off to us and we were happy to be able to return it to her promptly and in exactly the same condition as when she last saw it.

Check out a couple recaps of Guitar Under the Stars over on the Austin Classical Guitar Society page as well as on Ask Miss A Austin. And be sure to Contact Us if you'd like Uptown Valet to manage valet parking, or any other transportation related need, at your next event.