Ferrari Berlinetta Auctioned for Sandy Relief

We worked with Ferrari of Austin several month ago, but recently we provided valet services for a much larger Ferrari event. Ferrari was one of multiple car manufacturers hosting parties in Austin for the F1 Circuit of the Americas weekend and they had a large party where the centerpiece was a 2013 Ferrari Berlinetta auctioned off to help with Hurricane Sandy relief.

The car itself was a red 2013 Berlinetta, one of just four in North America, and came with some added bonuses that kept in line with Ferrari's decades of racing experience. Yahoo! had an article on it in their auto section that we read up on, since we weren't able to see that end of the party, aswe were busy working and ensuring the people who entrusted their cars to us were properly taken care of and that we did everything possible to assist the event planners on hand.

We provided plenty of staff for the event and had people there in the days and hours leading up the event to help coordinate staff parking, manage deliveries and unloading, and ensure that when the rest of our staff arrived for the party that we would know everything we needed to get to work. It was a busy and rapidly-changing environment, and our presence prior to the official start of the event allowed us to valet vehicles for some VIP guests when they came early and some changes were thrown our way.

The event ran smoothly, and we were able to handle valeting all the cars, dealing with chauffeur dropoffs, and managing traffic on a one-way drive very well throughout the night. When it was realized that cell phone reception was spotty and that most chauffeurs wouldn't be able to hear from their clients, we got them together and were able to find them quickly when their clients came to us.

It was our largest event of a busy Formula One weekend and were happy to have it in the books and run smoothly. We enjoyed working with Ferrari and were happy to helped them out as they celebrated the weekend and raised money for charity.

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