Uptown Valet's Fourth of July

Uptown Valet worked this Fourth of July at the Austin Country Club. Fireworks were free to fly this year as the burn ban wasn't as strict as last year. Uptown Valet helped manage parking, as Austin Country club was expecting over 1,000 guests for their fireworks show. Our task was to maximize parking efficiency for the guests and to report when various sections were filled to capacity so that guests wouldn't go towards sections of parking which had been filled up. A lot of cars parked in the parking lots, but when a few started parking outside the parking lot on Long Champ drive without having checked into club parking first man soon followed and we were never quite filled to capacity. We filled up most of the lots though and what guests did show up late in hopes for a spot were happy when we could point them to the few spots still available. In addition, we drove shuttles for guests coming from Long Champ when that area proved to be busier than expected.

After the fireworks went off we also assisted in shuttling some guests and in managing cars exiting the lot. We kept the flow of cars going as best we could and created space for carts or cars getting out of a parallel spot when needed. The line of cars itself extended up Long Champ to a stop sign; after determining the length of the holdup, one of us was posted up top to wave them through the stop sign - this eased traffic considerably.

We have done valet work at Austin Country Club in the past on major holidays and have managed some shuttles at weddings there but helping in parking was something new. We believe we handled it well and were happy for the opportunity to help them on the holiday. Our valets enjoyed the fireworks as well:

Cadillac DTS

One of our cars we use in our chauffeur services, the Cadillac DTS is a luxury sedan which is perfect for individuals or small groups who are looking to ride around Austin in comfort and style.

The DTS seats a maximum of four people and has a sizeable trunk which is perfect for getting picked up or dropped off at the airport.

We keep our vehicles spotlessly clean and are chauffeurs are all professionals who will ensure that you are well taken care of and leave satisfied that Uptown Valet provides the premiere car service in Austin.

Click on any of the pictures to get the full-size version, and if you are interested in our chauffeur services or any of our other services please do not hesitate to contact us.

Uptown Valet's Free Honeymoon Getaway

We are pleased to announce a new special from Uptown Valet - the Free Honeymoon Getaway. If you use any two of Uptown Valet’s services for your wedding we’ll give you a free sedan or SUV ride to the airport the next morning. Simply use Uptown Valet for any two of: valet, shuttle services, or limo rental, and the free ride to Austin Bergstrom International Airport is yours - no special code or coupon required. This offer is transferable, so if the bride and groom are staying in town but have had a set of parents visit that they want to send home then it can be used on them. Or if you aren’t leaving on a honeymoon for a couple months and would like to redeem it then, let us know - it’s good anytime.

This is our way of saying ‘thanks’ to our clients who have trusted us with so much on their wedding day and allows us to ensure that they get to leave town in comfort and style.

If you want to use Uptown Valet’s valet services, shuttle management or limo rental for your wedding day, or if you have any questions, please contact us. Also, check out this post to see how Uptown Valet manages multiple transportation services at a wedding.  We hope to hear from you and hope to be giving you a free ride to the airport soon.

-Uptown Valet

Let Concord Limousine take you to the airport

One of the reasons Uptown Valet has been able to expand to offering a whole range of transportation services is our close partnership with Concord Limousine. Concord Limousine offers limousine and luxury transportation services and have been making trips to and from Austin Bergstom International Airport for years. They have a fleet of vehicles available for service including limos, Cadillac Escalades, Chevy Suburbans and luxury sedans.

Choosing Concord Limousine means you won’t have to worry about finding and paying for airport parking, taking shuttles, dealing with a cab or coordinating rides with friends. They charge a set rate to the airport that won’t change based on mileage or how long you’re in the car. The chauffeurs are always courteous, professional and available to assist you in any way possible.

Whether it’s your 100th time departing Austin, or it’s your first time arriving in our city, Concord Limousine will ensure that you are beyond satisfied with their service and that your interactions are either a good note to leave upon or a great introduction to Austin. Airport transportation is their most requested service; either contact us or contact Concord for more information.

Uptown Valet to volunteer for Your Ride is Here

Uptown Valet is proud to announce that we have offered our services to Your Ride is Here, a non-profit company arranging transportation for cancer patients who might not otherwise have it. They take offers from volunteers to help with transportation and through our work with Concord Limousine we're able to volunteer our fleet of luxury vehicles. They recently were featured on CNN and have received attention as another one of their partners is John Eagle European - a luxury car dealership. We look forward to working with Your Ride is Here in the future and are happy for the opportunity to contribute back to our community. See their video below for more information on Your Ride is Here:

Transportation & Shuttle Management with Uptown Valet

More than just valet services, Uptown Valet can also manage any of your needs regarding transportation and shuttle services. We will highlight an example here. The event was at Chappell Lodge, a nice secluded venue south of Austin which we had visited a couple times before. There is a turnaround area near the lodge itself with several one-lane roads leading in and out of the property. There were around 125 guests at a hotel that needed transportation in addition to the bridal party and groom's party. This event required two 55-person buses and two smaller buses for about 30 people each. Uptown Valet stationed an attendant at the hotel to manage the guests and an attendant at the venue to coordinate the timing of the shuttles and stay in touch with the four bus drivers.

Our attendant at the hotel ensured all guests departed in a timely manner and that all the buses arrived on time for the ceremony, where the turnaround area was kept clear and managed by our other attendant. He coordinated with the four bus drivers before and after their arrival and had three buses on standby off-site and the fourth in the parking lot. The fourth was used to shuttle some guests back to the hotel as desired during the reception while the three others waited until after the bride and groom left.

The bride and groom were whisked happily away by a limo from Concord Limousine, followed shortly by a 55 passenger bus that was backed up away from the fanfare in the turnaround area. The other bus was minutes away. Exiting traffic was halted to ensure the second bus got through easily and it too was loaded to capacity and departed, getting all guests out quickly and efficiently.

It was a successful event for all parties. Lots of planning went into this to ensure everything ran smoothly and what inconveniences did arrive were handled expertly by our transportation management attendants.  Uptown Valet handled the ~150 guests using our services with aplomb, managed the shuttle services by maintaining constant contact between four bus drivers across two companies and kept communication with the property event manager and the wedding coordinators to ensure all concerned were pleased with the night's work.

Uptown Valet prides itself on being able to manage any transportation problem thrown our way. Shuttles, limos, antique cars, valets, and any mixture of the above - and thensome - we want to be the place you turn to for transportation management. This event was just one example in our years of experience managing transportation, and we are sure we'll have many more to come.

Interested in Uptown Valet for transportation and shuttle management or any of our other services?  See our Transportation Options or Contact Us.

Shuttle and Bus Options from Uptown Valet

Looking to get around Austin and Central Texas in comfort and style? Uptown Valet has access to a wide array of transportation options. Whether you need a handful of guests from out-of-town transported to your event, or hundreds of people shuttled to your wedding, Uptown Valet will ensure that your guests arrive on time and pleased with our service. Here are some of the vehicles we routinely use:

10 Passenger Mercedes Sprinter Van:

13 Passenger Executive Van:

25 Passenger Van: 32 Passenger Minibus: 40 Passenger Minibus: 55 Passenger Bus: Cadillac Escalade - seats up to 6: Cadillac DTS Sedan: Chevy Suburban - seats up to 6:

With all these options (and more!) available and our years of experience, we can comfortably manage almost any transportation problem that comes our way.