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More than just valet services, Uptown Valet can also manage any of your needs regarding transportation and shuttle services. We will highlight an example here.

The event was at Chappell Lodge, a nice secluded venue south of Austin which we had visited a couple times before. There is a turnaround area near the lodge itself with several one-lane roads leading in and out of the property. There were around 125 guests at a hotel that needed transportation in addition to the bridal party and groom’s party. This event required two 55-person buses and two smaller buses for about 30 people each. Uptown Valet stationed an attendant at the hotel to manage the guests and an attendant at the venue to coordinate the timing of the shuttles and stay in touch with the four bus drivers.

Our attendant at the hotel ensured all guests departed in a timely manner and that all the buses arrived on time for the ceremony, where the turnaround area was kept clear and managed by our other attendant. He coordinated with the four bus drivers before and after their arrival and had three buses on standby off-site and the fourth in the parking lot. The fourth was used to shuttle some guests back to the hotel as desired during the reception while the three others waited until after the bride and groom left.

The bride and groom were whisked happily away by a limo from Concord Limousine, followed shortly by a 55 passenger bus that was backed up away from the fanfare in the turnaround area. The other bus was minutes away. Exiting traffic was halted to ensure the second bus got through easily and it too was loaded to capacity and departed, getting all guests out quickly and efficiently.

It was a successful event for all parties. Lots of planning went into this to ensure everything ran smoothly and what inconveniences did arrive were handled expertly by our transportation management attendants.  Uptown Valet handled the ~150 guests using our services with aplomb, managed the shuttle services by maintaining constant contact between four bus drivers across two companies and kept communication with the property event manager and the wedding coordinators to ensure all concerned were pleased with the night’s work.

Uptown Valet prides itself on being able to manage any transportation problem thrown our way. Shuttles, limos, antique cars, valets, and any mixture of the above – and thensome – we want to be the place you turn to for transportation management. This event was just one example in our years of experience managing transportation, and we are sure we’ll have many more to come.

Interested in Uptown Valet for transportation and shuttle management or any of our other services?  See our Transportation Options or Contact Us.

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March 2012 was a busy month for us, so we’ve decided to show off a handful of photos from some events this past month:

Texas Independence Day Dinner
We did valet work for a Texas Independence Day dinner at the Bob Bullock Museum towards the beginning of the month. It’s an event we’ve worked at for the past several years and it sees us dressing up in slacks and button-ups – complete this year with burnt orange bow-ties. Right between the Capitol and the UT campus, this is always a fun venue to work at in the heart of Austin.

Lexus of Austin Launch Event
Lexus of Austin premiered the new Lexus GS350 in style with Uptown Valet doing valet work and running a coat-check. It’s a nice looking car with good custom options and the dealership featured fine catering, entertainment and plenty of information on the new models.

Lexus and Palazzo Lavaca
Inside Lexus of Austin was a Lexus LFA, which has too much cool information on it to fit it all here. Suffice to say it’s a very nice car of a very limited run which was also very nice to look at. The other photo is from an event we worked at Palazzo Lavaca parking cars and managing some shuttle transportation. Palazzo Lavaca is a cool new venue with a very well-realized older feel to it. We hope to be able to work more there in the future, though perhaps with less rain.

These were just a few of the dozens of events we worked this past month but were ones we wanted to share a bit of here. April is the busy season for weddings, so after a March which was busier than usual we’re getting ready for a very busy April as well.

-Uptown Valet

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